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Born and raised in Southwest Indiana, Dominick Kavanaugh learned the value of family and faith thanks to the example set by his parents, and his upbringing in the Vincennes community. His direct exposure to the construction industry instilled in Dominick an appreciation for a hard day’s work and a passion to serve his community as a whole. With this unique perspective, due in part to his family’s long involvement in the construction trade, Dominick pursued and graduated with a Civil Engineering degree from Louisiana State University in 2020.


His appreciation of and desire for public service led Dominick to work in President Donald J. Trump’s White House in the Office of Press and Communications, where he assisted in the crafting and deployment of President Trump’s message to the American people across multiple mediums. Seeing first-hand the success of America First policies and understanding how critical it was to our nation’s future to ensure they continued, Dominick continued in the Communications Department of President Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign.


Dominick then shifted his mission of service back towards his first love: the construction of numerous projects to benefit developing communities. In his role as a general contractor, he applies his engineering training and natural ingenuity to the management and completion of dozens of projects.


Believing that there was still more for him to offer his family, his community, and his country, Dominick took the oath-of-office as a direct commissioned officer into the United States Army Reserves on February 4, 2023. He currently serves as a Second Lieutenant with the 758th Engineer Company out of Perrine, Florida.


When Congressman Larry Bucshon announced his retirement from Congress, Dominick recognized another opportunity to continue giving back to Southwest Indiana. With an intent to build upon the legacy of accessible leadership and responsive constituent services established by Congressman Bucshon, Dominick is running for Congress in Indiana’s 8th Congressional District to bring a fresh perspective from the next generation of Hoosier leaders. He is committed to representing the shared, conservative values that Hoosiers hold most dear and will work tirelessly with President Trump to enact America First policies that will put our nation back on track.

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