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it's time for change in dc

A note from DominicK Kavanaugh

In just three short years, Joe Biden has destroyed our country with his America Last policies. Our southern border is wide open for criminals and cartels to do their bidding in American cities across the country. Our economy has been sold out to China and the decimation of the coal industry has crushed the American Dream.


It’s time to bring change to the swamp with a political outsider, not a career politician. I am the next generation of leadership desperately needed in Washington.  When I am elected to congress I will stand with President Trump to clean up the mess Joe Biden has created.  On day one I will work to finish President Trump’s wall and deport the millions of illegals who have crossed the border in the last three years.  And I will work to pass legislation to secure our jobs, protect American industries from cheap Chinese imports, and unleash America’s energy dominance by rolling back Biden’s radical green agenda.”

Dominick Kavanaugh

i will always fight for america

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